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Grow Mind Learning Institute supports the advancement of Science, Technology, Engineering, Math (STEM) and Sustainability learning opportunities for children and teens, empowering families and schools to participate in high-quality educational programs that nurture future career options.

In spite of the media focus on STEM in recent years, STEM educational progress still lags behind in the United States. The U.S. placed 30th out of 64 countries in math and 11th in science in a 2019 global survey (U.S. News & World Reports). Astoundingly, only 20% of U.S. high school graduates are prepared for college-level coursework in STEM majors (American Affairs Journal). 

If high school students have not taken Calculus, Physics, Chemistry and Biology during high school, they are often required to take introductory-level courses in these areas before beginning college-level STEM major coursework, delaying the start of their STEM major studies by a year. In fact, across all college majors, only 41% of U.S. college students graduate within 4 years, and only 60% complete a degree within 6 years (CNBC).

The statistics are worse for groups underrepresented in STEM. As of 2019, women comprise only 27% of the STEM workforce, despite making up 50 percent of the college-educated workforce (U.S. Census). Furthermore, Black and Latino students represent only 25% of STEM degree earners, while representing 35% of college graduates (National Bureau of Economic Research).

Grow Mind Learning Institute aims to help address these gaps by supporting access to high-quality STEM programs and activities for all learners. While most federal investment in improving STEM education focuses on the college level, there is a critical window of opportunity to develop STEM interest and skills during the K-12 school years. Our focus is on engaging students with STEM to nurture curiosity, build self-confidence and establish foundational academic skills. 

Opportunities in STEM continue to expand. Employment in STEM occupations has grown 79% since 1990, increasing from 9.7 million to 17.3 million (American Affairs). The average salary for STEM workers is $100,900, more than double that of non-STEM occupations which averages $40,020 (Bureau of Labor Statistics). 

By strengthening the STEM learning path during the K-12 years, we strive to broaden the horizons of students and help bridge the gap from K-12 education to college and successful STEM careers. 

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