STEM Programs: Free Resources & Discounts

Grow Mind Learning Institute helps connect families, schools and community organizations to STEM programs through free resources, discounts and grants from high-quality educational providers:

Quantum Physics for Kids - Physics & Science Classes

Quantum Physics for Kids offers live online physics and science classes for kids (ages 7-12)! Courses are designed to get kids excited about the impact of physics on their lives, while nurturing a strong foundation of science knowledge.

FREE CLASS: Join a free online science class introducing Atoms and the Periodic Table of Elements! Includes handouts, amazing science facts and key chemistry concepts. Register below:

GRANTS & SCHOLARSHIPS: Quantum Physics for Kids offers grants and scholarships for families and classrooms with financial need. Grants subsidize 50-100% of course tuition. To apply, please complete a Family or School/Organization Grant Application below:

Family/Individual Scholarship Application Form

School & Community Organization Grant Application Form

DISCOUNTS: Instantly receive 20% off any course with discount code PHYSIC12.

View all courses here: Quantum Physics for Kids on Outschool

Squishy Circuits - Hands-on Dough Circuit Kits

Squishy Circuits uses play dough to teach the basics of electrical circuits - a perfect blend of play and learning! Squishy Circuits dough-based circuit kits teach problem solving and engineering concepts while inspiring creativity and independent thinking.

Squishy Circuits offers free donations of circuit kits for classrooms in conjunction with the Hands-on Circuit Course offered by Quantum Physics for Kids. Please fill out this School Classroom Grant Application and select the course "Hands-on Exploration of Electricity and Circuits" to apply for a Squishy Circuits supplies donation for your classroom. 

Create & Learn - Programming Classes

Create & Learn offers small-group coding classes led by engaging teachers and designed by leading computer science experts! Course topics range from beginner coding for young children to AP-level Python courses for high school students.

Create & Learn offers free online coding classes and public presentations by leading technologists. Visit the Create & Learn Public Events Page to register for a free class or webinar.

Schoolhouse - Free Online Tutoring for Students 13 and Older

Schoolhouse is a new nonprofit organization founded by Sal Khan, the founder of Khan Academy.

It offers free, live peer-to-peer tutoring for anyone aged 13 or older!

Tutoring topics include homework help, pre-algebra, geometry, trigonometry, calculus, statistics, SAT prep and more. High school students interested in volunteering can join the platform to help tutor others, gaining teaching skills and valuable experience for college applications.

Visit to find a free tutor for your child.

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