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Grow Mind Learning Institute is dedicated to advancing STEM and Sustainability education for youth, empowering families and communities through high-quality programs. Our mission is clear: educate and empower families with welcoming enthusiasm. We bridge the STEM and Sustainability gap with abundant resources. Together, we build a brighter, sustainable future.

Exploring the World of Matter

Unraveling the Mystery of Magnetism

Marvels of Electricity and Magnetism

Discover the magic of states of matter with popsicles and paletas! Dive into the solid and liquid states of water while enjoying your favorite treats.

Magnetism, a force of the universe, made tangible! Experience the push-and-pull of magnets, a window into the quantum world's secrets.

From magnetic fields to copper wires, delve into the fascinating connection between electricity and magnetism. Learn how they power our everyday lives!

With a solid science and sustainability background, your child unlocks exciting doors to STEM careers, from electrical engineering to environmental tech and beyond. Feed their fascination with high-tech wonders while emphasizing sustainability, a crucial modern foundation.

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